The Lake Dives Where The Earth Curves
The Assembly, Hamilton Canada





The work of The 'Lake Dives Where The Earth Curves' was produced during a residency at
Spark Box Studios in Prince Edward County. During my stay I frequented local archives,
conducted site visits, and interviewed people with firsthand experiences of the area’s
local myths. There was the abandoned Picton airbase and its connection to Ondaatje’s
English Patient. The unexploded ordnance peppering the beaches once used for fighter
bomber training. The derelict jet engine testing ground built in the middle of a forest.
The houses that survived their original purpose as bomber training targets and were given
away for free. The story of The Avro Arrow, Canada’s first, and ultimately last,
home-grown fighter jet, developed in part in Prince Edward County. The result of this
research is a body of work that visually intertwines the technology, architecture,
history and landscape of a bygone military era. A synthesis of the destructive and
preservative effects of a complicated history that still holds influence over the
region - David Trautrimas

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