...itself, by an ellipsis
The Assembly, Hamilton Canada





David Trautrimas’s work also comments on how we experience the world through a digitally
mediated format, through an installation of graphic laser-cut acrylic tiles. Some of the
symbols are easy to decode, while others are more abstract conglomerations of shapes that
challenge the viewer to decipher content. This question is precisely the point, as
Trautrimas offer a take on the common practice of flipping though one’s social media feed
on a phone, thinking after less than a second that we understand the content before
scrolling to the next - and possible more enticing-post. As an artist who became a
teenager in the early 1990’s when the internet successfully seeped into our price realms
across North America via the personal computer, Trautrimas’s work comments on the way that
digital medial content, as an endless source of imagery, has a pervasive effect on who we
are - Melissa Bennett, Art Gallery of Hamilton


Installation view at Art Gallery of Hamilton, Canada 2018