Eidolon Point




Eidolon Point is an apparition of a place. Within this liminal state between going and gone,
the bones of architecture take on new forms to create spaces are neither inside or outside,
neither completely real or completely imagined. At the heart of this series are photographs
of North American architectural ruins, places where the prescribed boundaries of buildings
are malleable. Roofs collapse and funnel in the elements, walls crumble allowing unencumbered
access into the interior, unique and unpredictable structures manifest from their compromised
original forms. These works are an amalgam of spaces we lived in and now can live without.
As they cross the boundaries of structural dematerialization they pose the question, does
architecture have an afterlife? The works in Eidolon Point imagine these relics a miracle
of a body with a soul, visualizing the place they inhabit when one leaves the other
- David Trautrimas

Available Works:
KlompChing Gallery